Sean Schurmann, Duke Sean Schurmann

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Duke Sean Schuermann (wrongfully retained in the USA at this address)

5164 E. Rio Grande Way

Eagle Mountain

UTAH 84005


Date: 22 August 2019








Dear Sean,


I love you and I have never and will never give up the fight against your selfish mother and the criminal Judges, who keep you as illegal immigrant wrongfully retained in the USA. Every single day that you are not with me, I think about you. I wonder what you are doing. My love will follow you wherever you go. No matter how old you are and no matter how far your mother is taking you away from me, because I am your DAD and you will always be my child. My love is forever. One day your mother will realize the damage she has done to you.


Trust me Sean, I am here for you no matter what other people may have told you. You know that your Daddy loves you deeply and that I will do anything in my power to rescue you from this terrible situation your mother and these corrupt judges have put you in.


Remember, when I bought the INFINITY bracelet for you? I promised you that I will get you out of USA, even though everybody including your own mother is trying to keep you there as ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT.


You are in my heart and soul every day of my life and I wish I could hug you and kiss you to make all this emotional, psychological and mental pain go away in an instant. I know you are suffering terribly and so do I.


Please Sean, be strong and BELIEVE that your father will put an end to this horror story as fast as possible no matter what it takes.​




My love for you is deeper than the deepest Ocean Sean, regardless the fact that your mother has denied me any contact with you for the last 4 years and 6 months! So, if your mommy has been lying to you that "Daddy doesn't love you" please do NOT believe any of these lies Sean. I know you are a very smart, young Man and that you figured all of this out already when we spoke the last time during our video sessions. ​


Your intelligent and creative mind is superior to anything else other people might try to tell you, so therefore I know that your instincts will tell you who is dishonest with you.


I am terribly sorry that you must go through this emotional roller coaster ride Sean. You do not deserve to feel this emotional pain and it makes me wonder why your mother who says that she "loves you" puts you through this painful and emotional torture of ripping your loving father out of your life? 


Do you believe that a mother who loves you is supposed to cause you so much pain?


You know the answer already because you and I spoke about this before I had to leave the USA to file your The Hague petition of your wrongful retention in America.


So, you know deep in your heart Sean, that whatever your mother has done so far is absolute incorrect and terrible behavior, which causes you unbelievable emotional pain. Remember when I asked you, "has mommy ever apologized for hurting your feelings so badly"? What was your answer to this question Sean?  I remember it like yesterday:  "NO", you said with sad and crying eyes!


It breaks my heart Sean to see you suffering like this, because all your wonderful spirit, your happiness, your breathtaking smiles and your innocence have been destroyed and ripped away from you for no reason whatsoever, except for the cruel and selfish behavior of your mother.


I know you love your mother and that is of course very good, but your Daddy loves you too and I would never ever betray you or hurt your feelings to make you suffer like this. ​I am looking forward to hold you in my arms again very soon. Then you and I can go Motorbike riding again, climb trees together, go on your surfboard, swim in the ocean and feed the Dolphins like we used to do.


I love and treasure the wonderful 6 years we have been able to share together until the day we were so hastily separated.  I also know that during the last 4½ years that we have not been able to see each other, you must have suffered tremendously, by not been able to share our love for each other.


One day you will fully understand the situation we had to endure, but our bond is strong and it will never be broken by anyone or anything.


As I promised you Sean, your Daddy will get you out of this misery and I will STOP this terrible emotional pain you are going through.   


I am very proud to have you as my son!


You have no idea how much love you!  I miss you every second of my life! As you can see in the attached picture, I have your lovely smile and face tattooed on my right shoulder. You are with me every minute. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again and tell you how much I love you.

I am sending you a MILLION KISSES and my unconditional love. So if you receive this message, please contact me immediately Sean!​​



Your loving Father!




You can write me back to this address:


Stephan Schuermann

2637 E. Atlantic Blvd. #41066

Pompano Beach, FL, 33062

Tel: (801) 935-8913



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