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These corrupt Judges shown here, Mary Koch Polson, Terrence Ketchel, Michael A. Flowers and Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers are tax-payer funded Child Kidnappers, Human Traffickers and Child Abusers, who operate their "criminal enterprise" from the Circuit Courts of Okaloosa County and Pensacola , Florida, USA.


They, like many corrupt judges across the Nation, make money by kidnapping innocent children away from their fathers and they are excellent at destroying families "at the best interest of the child"... I mean, the best interest of their wallets!

Come into their court room and they will show you their "abusive powers" and make you and your children their next victims! They represent "The Law" and you better obey to their sick and corrupted mind... 

In plain English, Judge Polson, Judge Ketchel, Judge Flowers and Judge Rodgers  have "legally kidnapped" and REMOVED a German child who is an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT in the USA from his German father and the fathers "unauthorized association" with his own child is now a crime.


Proceeding from this, his failure to follow an assortment of judge Polson's, judge Flowers and  judge Rodgers government directives controlling his movements, finances, and personal habits – directives that apply to no one but him – is from this point also grounds for criminal prosecution. In effect, these criminal Judges have legislated a personalized criminal code around this German father, subjecting him to criminal punishments for doing what anyone else may do, such as speaking with his child, bringing his son to school, attending one of his soccer games, or worshiping at the same church.


You might be the next victim of these criminal pieces of garbage, which call themselves "honorable" judges, who are twisting the laws or simply disobeying the American Constitution, violating Federal Immigration Laws, violating their Oath of Office whilst they are making money on our kids!

Duke Sean Schurmann - Kidnapped in the USA | Duke Sean Schurmann | United States
Duke Sean Schurmann - Kidnapped in the USA | Duke Sean Schurmann | United States
Duke Sean Schurmann - Kidnapped in the USA | Duke Sean Schurmann | United States



Duke Sean Schurmann - Kidnapped in the USA | Duke Sean Schurmann | United States

Career Criminal Jonathan Link Tedrick - Child Abusing Drug Dealer! Entangled in HARBORING Illegal Immigrants!

Duke Sean Schurmann - Kidnapped in the USA | Duke Sean Schurmann | United States
Duke Sean Schurmann - Kidnapped in the USA | Duke Sean Schurmann | United States

Jubilie Anqui - The criminal Mother & Child Abuser - Illegal in the USA without a job, except have randomly picked men pay for her "services"...

Duke Sean Schurmann - Kidnapped in the USA | Duke Sean Schurmann | United States
Duke Sean Schurmann - Kidnapped in the USA | Duke Sean Schurmann | United States

Destin, Florida, USA – Mary Koch Polson is a corrupt judge of the First Circuit Court in Florida. Polson allegedly manipulated her election to this position in 2012, effective in January of 2013, and her current term expires in 2019 if she does not get removed for corruption and abuse of power earlier.


It’s scary to think that Circuit Judge Mary Polson is uninformed about the laws that govern her own country.  Recently, it has come to light that Polson authorized and is herself involved in the wrongful retention and kidnapping of an innocent German child.  


Who in their right minds would allow the imprisonment of a helpless child, let alone someone who was elected to protect the rights of all people?  


Judge Polson supported the illegal kidnapping of a 6 year old child and is denying release of him back to his home country Germany.  Is this the type of person that we want making legal decisions? 


It is evident that CORRUPT Judge Polson does not know U.S Federal Law, which is unnerving considering that she was sworn in to protect the laws of the land.  Does this make Polson a liar and a corrupt child kidnapper?  


In the eyes of the German father, ABSOLUTELY!


“We ask our fellow citizens across the USA to join us in a nationwide class action suit to remove these and other corrupt, dangerous judges from office before they cause any more damage to the people that they were sworn in to protect.” 


The criminal judges are making the United States of America look like a hostile and unaccepting country to the rest of the world.  This is one German father that will not stand for the abuse of power that Polson, Flowers, Ketchel and Rodgers are exercising.  Their power complex should not be allowed in office as it has caused these corrupt judges to make illegal and criminal decisions for their own personal gain!  Is this in the best interest of the child?


Most people are not aware that corrupt judges like Mary Polson, Margaret Casey Rodgers, Terrence Ketchel and Michael A. Flowers are making money on kidnapping foreign children into her territories! These kids will later be “released” for adoption, which is a Billion Dollar Industry, supported by corrupt judges and CPS the “child protective service Mafia”.


Why would we want a judge that is so sick and twisted representing the fine country of the United States of America?


Tomorrow anybody could be the next victim  of these child abusing, power hungry and sick judges, who think they can play “God” with other people’s lives?  Based on these judges criminal and screwed up mindset and their superiority complex they will turn children into “slaves” of their court system and rip parents heart’s out for profit and power… It is obvious that judge Mary Koch Polson is a man-hating monster who has according to her criminal records been married and divorced 4 times, besides having been arrested for drunk driving… Now, that’s the kind of judges anyone wants to represent the law and destroy the future of our children and families? 


The instant case is most disturbing in that a German father was defrauded of his child by Judge Polson, who even went to the extent of supporting a “wrongful arrest” by Sonya Sheppard of the father for dropping his child off at the school. This caused the German father to go to jail for 3 days by following judge Polson’s court order and being arrested at the school for “trespassing”. (Click here to download the court order signed by Polson) 


How mentally disturbed is judge Mary Koch Polson?  Are these the kind of sick judges we want to make decisions for our country and decide tomorrow’s world that our children will live in? 


It is time to remove corrupt Judges from office and save this poor, innocent German child, who wants nothing more than be reconnected with his father. 



U.S. Federal Law: International Parental Abduction

The International Child Abduction Remedies Act (ICARA)


U.S. Code Title 42, Chapter 121, Section 11601, states:


Persons should not be permitted to obtain custody of children by virtue of their wrongful removal or retention. The international abduction or wrongful retention of children is harmful to their well-being.



Florida State Law: Deprive Another Person of His Right to Custody

Florida Statute 787.03(2) - Interference With Custody - states:


In the absence of a court order determining rights to custody or visitation with any minor, any parent of the minor who has custody thereof and who takes, detains, conceals, or entices away that minor within or without the state with malicious intent to deprive another person of his or her right to custody of the minor commits a felony (crime).







The German father of the German child came to USA on an E-2 Investor Visa and has spent more than $750,000 in USA for setting up his business. The extension of his E-2 Visa was rejected in 2012 for no particular reason and based on this fact he and his family has overstayed his E-2 Investor Visa and ended up as being "illegally" in the USA together with his wife Jubilie Anqui and his 6 year old son Sean.


In June 2014, the wife started an adultery affair with a career criminal called Jonathan Link Tedrick, aka Jon Tedrick, Link Tedrick (click here to download his criminal report) and they both CONCEALED the fathers child for 4 months under fake addresses, not informing the father where she and the child really lived. After 4 months the father discovered the real whereabouts of his son, and the abuse his child suffered by the mentally disturbed mother Jubilie Anqui and her criminal boyfriend,  Jonathan Link Tedrick which included exposing the child to sexual conduct between the mother and the boyfriend, it further included reckless child endangerment by the mother by leaving her son unattended in the car of her boyfriend, which she was driving without a drivers license.


Based on these facts, the father filed an emergency child protection injunction in December 2014, which granted him 100% temporary custody to protect his son. However, the lawless mother and her criminal boyfriend Jonathan Link Tedrick fled the State of Florida with the child and moved to an unknown address in Alabama. When the father called the mobile phone of Jonathan Link Tedrick, he was threatened by Tedrick with: "YOU WILL NEVER SEE YOUR SON AGAIN". After 3 days the child kidnapping team returned "voluntary" back to Florida to hand over the German child to the authorities and when the father picked up his son, he was served with "divorce papers"!


In order to remove his son from the further child endangerment by the negligent and abusive mother and her criminal boyfriend,  Jonathan Link Tedrick the father who knew his E-2 Visa was long expired decided to leave the USA immediately to bring his son into a safe harbour, back to Germany where both the father and the son are legal citizens and passport holders.


However, the mother and her lying crooked boyfriend  Jonathan Link Tedrick tried to manipulated the US court system and filled 2 counter petitions, which both had been rejected by the same Judge Gontarek who issued the child protection order on behalf of the father. However, now both the abusive mother and her career criminal boyfriend  Jonathan Link Tedrick and their slime ball lawyer Mr. James Levy lied to the court that the child would suffer "irreparable harm" if the father would take his son back to Germany, and filled a 3rd petition now with Judge Mary Polson, which she granted without any further investigations and made the father now a "criminal" for trying to protect his own child. 


Judge Mary Polson as stupid and as corrupt she is, she followed the lying story of an illegal alien wife (who was involved in an adultery affair) and her criminal boyfriend  Jonathan Link Tedrick as well as their slimy lawyer James Levy and declared in one of her court documents that the child would suffer "irreparable harm" if the father would bring his son back to Germany where he belongs. The father was now forced to bring his own son back, or would go to jail for 3 to 5 years for trying to protect his son from the real abusers.


At the same time Judge Polson puts the child back into the hands of the real child abusers, which is the adultery affair mother Jubilie Anqui and her criminal boyfriend Jonathan Link Tedrick, a career criminal with arrests in 10 different states for assault, battery, drunk driving, drug dealing, drug manufacturing, criminal disturbance, driving without a drivers license etc. etc. 


Corrupt Judge Polson destroys the future of a German child by keeping him as ILLEGAL ALIEN in the USA and exposes this little boy to Jonathan Link Tedrick, a criminal and violent man, who makes his living by selling and manufacturing drugs and by beating up other people.


Judge Polson, is a sick piece of crap and deserves to be removed from her offices for child abuse and for the wrongful retention of a child under The Hague Convention for International Child Abduction and for violation of Federal Immigration Laws as well as for harboring of illegal aliens!


Judge Polson, is guaranteed to have her lousy career destroyed because she has not released the German child to his father!




These judges are making a living by keeping foreign children hostage in USA and REFUSING the German father to take his child back home to Germany where he belongs. When the German father mentioned to Judge Polson that this divorce battle should not be handled in USA because the entire family is ILLEGAL in the country, Polson replied to the German father: "You can leave anytime, but your child stays here"...!


Judge Polson deserves to be removed from her office for abuse of her power or lack of sound judgment.  Mentally disturbed people like Mary Koch Polson deserve to be imprisoned for abusing their own laws and twisting them for their own favor under the convenient banner of “the best interest of the child” or does Polson act in the best interest of her wallet? 


Sonya Sheppard - wrongfully arresting the German father for dropping his son off at school and throw the father into jail for "trespassing". Down load the court order here!


James Levy - Slime Ball Lawyer who makes a living by supporting the kidnapping of foreign children, with lying to the court. Soon Levy will have no clients any more after he will be exposed to the global press!


Richard Cooper - Criminal investigator Okaloosa Sherrifs Office. Cooper has been handing the German father criminal investigation reports from ANOTHER MEN called Karl Ronald Menz who committed sexual battery on his children! Is Richard Cooper an Incompetent Idiot or Corrupt Manipulator? Copy of these sexual abuse reports are available here, signed by Richard Cooper and handed over to the German father of Sean who has NOTHING to do with the case of Mr. Karl Ronald Menz!


Jonathan Link Tedrick - career criminal, who has been arrested in 10 different US States. Battery, Assault, Drug Dealing, Drug Manufacturing etc. Great influence and roll model for a young child, isn't it? 


Jubilie Anqui - (illegally in the USA) and child abusing mother, forcing her son to lie to his own father about her adultery affairs with randomly picked strangers! Anqui is making her own child witness of sexual intercourse with her lovers and puts the child into emotional, psychological and mentally abusive stress, causing irreparable damage and harm for the future of this little 6 year old child.


Of course, the abusive mother is acting in the "best interest of the child", by refusing the biological father access to his son. Jubilie Anqui did everything in her power with the support of corrupt Sonya Sheppard to have the father wrongfully arrested then deported from the USA, so she can gain wrongfully custody of Sean!


Destin Elementary School, Destin Florida - Refused to allow the German father to pick up his son Sean, orchestrated by Sonya Sheppard! Download the letter of Lawyer Andrew Wood here, in which he informs the school of the interference of Mr. Schurmann's custody rights!


Download the Legal Opinion Letter of Lawyer Andrew Wood regarding the German father custody and visitation rights, which his prostituting wife Jubilie Anqui ignored. Instead she and her criminal boyfriend Jonathan Link Tedrick concealed the child from his biological father for 4 months plus the mother called the cops on the father when he wanted to spend time with his son over Chistmas 2014!


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