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About Judge Mary Polson, Judge Michael A. Flowers & Judge Margaret Rodgers

Horror stories about how Judge Mary Polson, Judge Flowers and Judge Rodgers handles divorce cases  and child kidnapping by ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS now saturate the media. Clichés about “nasty divorce” and “ugly custody battle” have become daily fare. Yet while voyeuristic “he said / she said” accounts may transform our media into purveyors of real life soap opera, they seldom inform us accurately.


Divorce and separation involving children entail consequences much more farreaching than the public has been led to believe. Beyond disrupting and destroying the lives of millions of people, corrupt and power hungry judges like Mary Koch Polson also undermine our social order, our economic prosperity, our system of law enforcement and criminal justice, even our civil liberties and constitutional government.


The loosening of bonds between parents and their children and the increasing government control from sick and money hungry judges like Mary Koch Polson, Judge Rodgers and Judge Flowers over children has reached crisis proportions. It is little exaggeration to say that children have become commodities and weapons that are fought over, traded, bought, sold, stolen, and even killed. Custody battles, Government kidnappings, fatherless children, child abuse, foster care, adoption markets, educational failure, violent crime, substance abuse, psychotherapy, psychotropic drug use, escalating medical costs, sex trafficking, child soldiers – all these are the consequences of family dissolution and the loosening bonds between children and parents, forcing children into emotional and psychological abuse by judges and their sick minds.



Growing government intervention from judges like Mary Koch Polson into family life and the separation of children from parents by government authority is a trend that demands urgent attention. How the government involves itself in private family life, how it assumes control over children, how it distributes children among parents and other parties – these are matters with profound implications not only for family policy but for freedom.


Yet current practice governing child custody is the product of policies gradually implemented over decades with virtually no public debate or input.

This can not continue. Changes in the law and policy governing divorce, child custody, and other aspects of family policy recent decades have created a crisis of the family whose media manifestations are only a superficial indication of the problem.


Even today, these matters are poorly understood by the public, policymakers, journalists, even by legal practitioners and scholars and who has the balls to atttack a judge anyways, without facing jail time for "disobeying the sick laws" they claim to represent. Until recently, free societies dealt with this matter with a principle that, while it might be violated, was never renounced: Parents control and speak for their minor children. This guarantee for parental authority ensured the integrity of the family unit as an entity separate from the state and prevented children from being manipulated for political purposes. “No known society treats the question of who may properly call a child his or her own as simply…a matter to be decided entirely politically as one might distribute land or wealth," writes Susan Shell.


No known government, however brutal or tyrannical, has ever denied, in fact or principle, the fundamental claim of parents to their children.… A government that distributed children randomly…could not be other than tyrannical. Even if it had the best interest of society in mind…a government that paid no regard to the claims of biological parenthood would be unacceptable to all but the most fanatical of egalitarian or communitarian zealots.


This is exactly what judge Mary Koch Polson is, a child abusing, fanatical criminal who makes money by kidnapping innocent children away from their biological father. Polson goes even so far and puts the father wrongfully into jail for dropping his son off at school and supports a "trespassing order" from some a sick school deputy SONYA SHEPPARD to get the father arrested and thrown into jail for 3 days.


In addition, Polson and her police friends SONYA SHEPPARD threatened the father with deportation from USA and/or further arrests if the father would not "obey" to judge Polson's screwed up and self corrupted laws!  The father has now been disconnected from his own son for 10 years, due to the fact that he is denied re-entry into USA for 10 years for overstaying his E-2 Investor Visa. 


In the meantime, mentally disturbed Judge Mary Koch Polson, Judge Michael A. Flowers and Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers protects an illegal mother who prostitutes herself to make a living by providing her "services" to randomly picked man. The mother is Jubilie Anqui who lives in an adultery affair with a career criminal named Jonathan Link Tedrick and little Sean who wants to RUN AWAY from these child abusers, but judge Polson, Flowers and Rodgers keeps the child a prisoner of United States.


These are the kind of sick and twisted judges America needs to protect innocent children, right?


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