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725 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10022



Date: 12/19/2016




Letter to Donald J. Trump Demanding the Release of My Son


Dear Mr. President,


“Justice delayed is justice denied.” My name is Stephan Schuermann, I am the father of Duke Sean Schuermann, who has been kidnapped by his illegal alien Filipino mother Jubilie Anqui. I have undergone emotional, mental as well as psychological torture in the pursuit of my son Duke Sean Schuermann who was kidnapped by my wife, Jubilie Anqui. My tireless efforts through the corridors of justice to relocate my child back to his legal domicile in Marbella, Spain or his country of citizenship, Germany have born no fruits due to the rigged and corrupt immigration and criminal system. You have witnessed the way corruption is destroying our moral fabric by allowing judges to create “sanctuary” cities that facilitate the perpetration of offenses by illegal immigrants. My only child has become a victim of a society that is flourishing on corruption and violation of the law. As you are aware, it not an easy task to fight such a criminal system that thrives on corruption as the "left behind parent" will become a big loser. 


Human trafficking is a crime against humanity. Mr. President, child kidnapping in the United States has become the order of the day as illegal aliens are kidnapping more than 200,000 innocent children each year. You are aware that this inhuman act is being aided by the Federal Immigration and court system that are rotten, corrupt and outrageous. As a result, parents who are left behind including me suffer because of such systems and we do not have the chance to see our children again. One of your promises to the American people during the campaign was to enforce the immigration laws as well as to arrest illegal immigrants. My wife is an illegal alien, and she is perpetrating a crime against humanity by wrongfully detaining my son. She is carrying out this act with the help of her boyfriend Jonathan Link Tedrick, who has been convicted more than 10 times of multiple misdemeanors including, battery, assault and drug related crimes. A bunch of corrupt judges has gone against the American Constitution, and the federal immigration laws have conspired to “legally kidnap my son” and to protect my illegal alien wife. My child is being wrongfully retained in the US as an ILLEGAL ALIEN without my consent.

By doing so, a criminal illegal alien received a PERVERSE INCENTIVE and has been granted 100% custody of my detained son. This act is not permitted under the constitution. Basing on this, I have the legal right to have custody of my child and your intervention on this matter will be of significance to thousands of parents facing the same predicament. Therefore, I demand the release of my son as he is a victim of child kidnapping being facilitated by rogue individuals.


The constitution and several Supreme Court cases clearly stipulate that a divorce judgment that is obtained by fraudulent means shall be considered as null/void by the federal courts. Despite this law being in existence, my wife conspired with some individuals of the judicial system and obtained the divorce by fraud. Mr. President, you are conversant with the international law and such an act of fraudulent divorce cannot be recognized in my country of citizenship Germany, neither will this fraudulent divorce be recognized in the Philippines, which is the home country of my wife. The Republic of Philippines is usually strict with divorce cases, and it does not acknowledge such cases brought up by its citizens. Additionally, the law is very precise to the custodial rights of children. For instance, the custodial rights of a parent shall be denied if he/she disregards the law. Apart from my wife being in the United States illegally, she has violated the American and Philippine laws by obtaining a divorce judgment unconstitutionally. This action is contradictory to the best interests of my son. As you can see, my wife should lose the custodial rights of the child for violating the law and he should be released to me. As a parent, I have the fundamental right to my son custody as enshrined in the American constitution. Mr. President, you are a parent, and you comprehend how it feels to lose your precious child to people who have breached our law. The immediate release of my son is all I can request you.


Corruption has become the norm of the day in the United States criminal system including the FBI, the sheriff’s office, Attorney General (Loretta Lynch), the governor of the state of Florida, the attorney general of Florida and the DHS. I’m familiar with cases where criminal charges have been filed by the left behind parent against an illegal immigrant who has retained a child to these state officers. To my dismay, they have safeguarded the illegal alien who has kidnapped a child. Some of them have even gone forward to declare that they are not responsible for handling the case. The case together with mine reveals how child kidnapping and enforced disappearance is taking place in America at an alarming rate with the aid of corrupt individuals and criminal Government officials. As a native citizen of the United States, you are aware of such acts that are violating the legal rights of innocent children, and you even mentioned during your campaign time. I demand that my son Sean should be released basing on these facts.


Every child has the right to basic human wants including education, shelter as well as medication. You are conversant with the affordable care act that prohibits illegal immigrants and their children from obtaining medical insurance. In case, my child becomes sick; seeking care may be a challenging task. In addition to being held by an illegal immigrant, my kid’s liberty and freedom to return to Germany which is his country of citizenship have been deprived. This action constitutes 100% infringement of the Federal Immigration Laws and the United Nation Convention for the Protection of Children.  As you can see Mr. President, this is a total violation of the best interests of my child who is innocent. I want my son back so that I can provide for him the core needs of life that he cannot receive while still in America.


Mr. Trump, as a law-abiding citizen of this great nation, you are aware that any illegal immigrant who is not naturalized in the United States does not have the legal right to reside in this country. He/she should be deported to their countries of origin after being jailed for child kidnapping offense. My wife is one of them who face multiple charges of being in America illegally, kidnapping my son and depriving him his liberty. As you are familiar with corruption and rigged immigration system, I have much confidence in your capacity as the U.S. President to get back my child back and imprison my wife and her criminal boyfriend Jonathan Link Tedrick, who is harboring 2 illegal immigrants. It is my firm belief that you are going to reform the entire judicial and federal immigration systems by arresting all corrupt officials thereby changing the image of the United States of being the heaven for illegal immigrants’ child kidnappers.  


I am looking forward to hear from you and have my child returned to me without further delay.


Respectfully yours,



Stephan Schuermann

A loving and concerned father seeking justice for his child



PS: I am attaching a Motion, which was filed in the Florida Court to release my son. You will see how many laws have been violated and how corrupt and reckless judges have acted by conspiring with the child abducting mother and her boyfriend.

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