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Corruption in the US courtroom and the high-tech kidnapping of a German Child


Circuit Judge Mary Koch Polson from Okaloosa County involved in conspiracy to kidnap a German child through corruption and abuse of the very law she is meant to uphold.


Okaloosa County, FL (March 11, 2015) – Circuit Judge Mary Koch Polson at the Okaloosa County Court has been granted the power to enforce justice for the people, which is why it is dangerously alarming to witness the abuse of this power through collusion, police brutality, and wrongful arrest. It seems picking sides in a custody battle is only the tip of the iceberg of the upstanding character of Judge Polson, who is now all but holding a German Child hostage on US soil. 


The father, Stephan Schurmann has been in a custody war with his ex-wife Jubilie Anqui, who prostitutes herself to randomly picked man to make a living for her "services".... Even though the father presented all the facts about child abuse of his 6 year old innocent boy, by the mother and her criminal boyfriend, Jonathan Link Tedrick, the custody war resulted in a temporary family court order issued by Judge Mary Polson from Okaloosa County, Florida Family Law Division, Case No: 2014 DR 4691 on January 29, 2015 at 9:46 am. 


As per Paragraph 2 of this court order, the “Exchanges of the child need to occur through the child’s school” that is Destin Elementary School. The court order further states under Paragraph 3 that “All future exchanges shall occur through the school.” As a result, the little boy’s father was "allowed" by the court of law to pick up and drop off his son every second weekend from Friday and Monday, which is actually only 4 days per month of visitation rights to see his own son.


Corrupt and man-hating Judge Polson wanted to "punish the father" and criminalized him for trying to protect his little boy from abuse through the mother and her criminal boyfriend, Jonathan Link Tedrick.


However, Sheriff Sonya Sheppard of Destin Elementary School  seems to be operating under a judicial system of her own fancy, as she failed to recognize the certified copy of the court order that was presented by the father Stephan Schurmann when he went to pick up his son on Friday, the 30th of January, 2015. This was a clear obstruction of his custody and visitation rights, but Sheriff Sheppard either did not have the mental capacity to realize this, or was perhaps receiving her orders from elsewhere? 


After concocting a “2nd oral trespass warning” out of thin air, Sheriff Sheppard went on to arrest Stephan Schurmann for trespassing on Monday, 2nd of February, when he was dropping off his son at the Destin Elementary School. He ended up in jail for 3 days, where he was denied his right to a phone call to his lawyer, and experienced brutality at the hands of the police, who left him with bruised and cut wrists from the excruciatingly tight handcuffs. We have all heard that if you do enough wrong it starts to seem right, but arresting people for following court orders instead of violating them is stretching it quite a bit.


Mr. Stephan Schurmann is now being denied his right to see his son, who can now be characterized as being kidnapped by the corrupt judge Mary Koch Polson whose court order was the first move in a convoluted game of chess.


Following his wrongful arrest, he is being threatened by Sonya Sheppard and her fellow corrupt Police Officers with deportation from the USA and further arrest if he does not leave “voluntarily”, giving the father a lose-lose choice where he disconnect with his child for the 10 years that he will not be allowed re-entry in the USA for, or goes to prison and loses his son anyway.  

According to U.S. Federal Law on International Parental Abduction section 11601, “Persons should not be permitted to obtain custody of children by virtue of their wrongful removal or retention,” which seems to be exactly what Judge Polson is facilitating. 


According to Florida State Law “Deprive Another Person of His Right to Custody” Florida Statute 787.03(2) - Interference With Custody, “In the absence of a court order determining rights to custody or visitation with any minor, any parent of the minor who has custody thereof, and who takes, detains, conceals, or entices away that minor within or without the state with malicious intent to deprive another person of his or her right to custody of the minor commits a felony (crime).”


This crime is being committed by Jubilie Anqui and her criminal life partner Jonathan Link Tedrick, and is unashamedly supported by the very person judge Polson and Sonya Sheppard (who has the brain capacity of a 6 year old retard) who is appointed by the USA to protect these laws and our children.  


Corrupt Judge Polson is well-aware of the injustices being done to Schurmann, but refuses to lift a finger to bring a father and son together by relocating the boy to Germany, she keeps him hostage in the USA, as an illegal immigrant living with his illegal and prostituting mother and Jon Tedrick, a career criminal and violent man.



It is hard to believe it is anything but self-interest guiding the hand of judge Mary Koch Polson, and the highest level of corruption that is blinding her, as these living arrangements are not at all in the child’s best interest. She is well aware that his mother is an illegal immigrant and is living with  Jonathan Link Tedrick a convicted criminal who has been arrested in 10 different States for assault, battery, drug abuse, drug dealing, and drug manufacturing. Judge Polson seems to be rather comfortable exposing a child to such a violent and dangerous man instead of letting him be with his own father, which leads one to wonder how sound her mental health and judgment are?


Is judge Mary Koch Polson a sick Psychopath or is she mentally disturbed for allowing an innocent child to be even close to this kind of crook?  


Such sad instances should act as eye-openers for the people of the USA to favor a closer look at those enforcing the laws meant to protect us. It leads one to wonder what else must a person have buried in their past if they are willing to disregard the court of law, and what kind of personal gains might there be in store for them. All citizens are equal in the eyes of the law, and it usually takes more than a little nudge to make its caretakers ignore and abandon it and favor one citizen over the other.


In this case, judge Polson deserves to be removed from her office for abuse of her power or lack of sound judgment.  Mentally disturbed people like Mary Koch Polson deserve to be imprisoned for abusing their own laws and twisting them for their own favor under the convenient banner of “the best interest of the child” or does Polson act in the best interest of her wallet? 



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