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Judge Mary Koch Polson Makes German Father a Criminal For Trying To Protect His German Child!

Judge Mary Koch Polson


Destin, Florida, USA – 13th March 2015 - Imagine that you are a German father and you decide to bring your family to the United States under a temporary E-2 Investor Visa in order to set up a business.  You know that this is risky, but you want to provide a better life for your family, with the ultimate goal to sell the business to a potential investor.  Suddenly, things go awry as an extension for your temporary E-2 Investor Visa is denied.  


You, your wife, and son Sean are now considered illegal in the USA.  To make matters worse, you find out that your wife, Jubilie Anqui is having an adultery affair with a man that has been arrested in 10 different States for assault, battery, drunk driving, drug dealing, and drug manufacturing just to name a few.  You never want your child to be around someone with a rap sheet like that, let alone be in the custody of them.


While in their care, Sean was exposed to wildly inappropriate sexual conduct between the prostituting mother Jubilie Anqui and her criminal boyfriend Jonathan Link Tedrick.  This urged Sean’s father to file an emergency child protection injunction, which granted him 100% temporary custody of the child that he loves so dearly.  In order to prevent the father from gaining custody of Sean and removing his from harm’s way, the mother and her criminal boyfriend Tedrick moved him to an undisclosed location in Alabama and told the father he would never see his son again.  


Luckily, after some police intervention the child kidnapping team returned the little boy “voluntary” back to Florida and his father was at the pickup of his child served with “divorce papers”.  After the divorce petition filed by a prostituting wife, a web of lies was created by the child’s mother and Judge Mary Koch Polson recklessly granted 100% temporary custody to Sean’s mother and her criminal boyfriend.  

It was then that Sean’s father decided that it was in the best interest for him and the child to return to the safe harbor of Germany where both the German father and his German son were legal citizens.  However, the mother and her drug dealing boyfriend Jonathan Link Tedrick decided to manipulate the US court system and filed two counter petitions, which were both rejected by Judge Gontarek.  Continuing to lie her way through the system, the mother filed a third petition saying that the child would suffer “irreparable harm” if he returned to Germany with his loving father.


Judge Mary Polson granted the petition without any further investigation and made the child who is NOT a legal resident of America a prisoner of the USA! Shouldn’t a defender of the law hear both sides of the story?  Instead of upholding the law and letting the child and his father return to their home country Judge Polson made the father a criminal for trying to protect his own child.  By allowing the kidnapping of a foreign child into her own territory, Judge Polson is making money in a ring of corruption!  Do we really want someone who is a cesspool of corruption in office?


She pried Sean away from his loving father and put him back into the hands of the real child abusers—his cheating mother and her criminal boyfriend Tedrick, who have shown countless accounts of child negligence.  


What kind of Judge would give custody to a KNOWN criminal and a prostituting and neglectful mother, while making the father who loves his son more than anything choose between giving up his child or facing three to five years in prison?


How could a supposed “crusader for justice” destroy the future of a German child by exposing him to Jonathan Link Tedrick, a known criminal and violent man who makes a living by selling drugs?  Is this the kind of Judge that we want in office?  


If Judge Mary Polson cannot uphold the law does she even deserve to be in office?  This is one German father that does not think so!  Its time to remove this corrupt Judge Polson and create a safer world for our children!  



In this case, judge Polson deserves to be removed from her office for abuse of her power of for schizophrenic behavior, whichever it maybe. Sick people like Polson deserves to go to jail for abusing their own laws “in the best interest of the child”, or does Polson act in the best interest of her wallet? 


If this makes you sick, write us your toughts!


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