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Exposing Corrupt Mary Koch Polson - Press Room

Corrupt Judge Mary Koch Polson Exposed In The Global News


The criminal child kidnapping activities of corrupt and money hungry Judge Mary Koch Polson have been featured in over 750 newspaper and magazine articles, major search engines and appeared in the worldwide press in over 200 countries.  Some of the more notable mentions on TV & Radio News, as well as National and International News Channels include: 


EyeWitness News 3, Hawaii News Now, Fox 12 News, KLTV, 13 WTHR News, CBS8 News, FOX19 News, CBS5 News, 10WISTV, NBC4 News, NBC13 News, WRCBTV, 19-Action News, ABC33/40, FOX 6 NEWS, International Business Times, Daily Herald, Money Show, MarketPlace, CEO World Magazine,, North American Report, News Channel 9, ABC4 NEWS, FOX NEWS 42, PLUS hundreds more Press Releases about child abusing Judge Mary Polson as you can see here in the


Google Index Report No. 1: For corrupt Judge Mary Koch Polson,

who has been accused of child kidnapping and child abuse!



If Judge Polson makes you sick, write us your toughts!



Press Releases:






March 11, 2015 - Corruption in the US courtroom & the high-tech kidnapping of a German Child orchestrated by Judge Mary Koch Polson


Google Index Report No. 2: For Judge Mary Koch Polson,

for Corruption in the US Courtroom and the high-tech kidnapping of a German Child!



March 13, 2015 - Judge-mary-koch-polson-makes-german-father-a-criminal-for-trying-to-protect-his-german-child



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Corrupt Judge Mary Koch Polson Exposed In The Global News!

GeniusCapital™ in the Global News

Child Kidnapper Mary Koch Polson Exposed In The Global News!