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725 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10022



Date: 12/10/2016







Dear Mr. Trump,


Congratulations once again on your winnings of the presidency. My name is Stephan Schuermann, father of Duke Sean Schuermann, who has been kidnapped by his illegal alien Filipino mother Jubilie Anqui. You winning the Presidency is indeed a dream come true to some of us. America really need to be great again and there is no other better person to carry out this change than a charismatic leader like you.


Sir, the purpose of this letter is to raise the issue of my poor innocent child Duke Sean Schuermann being kidnapped in your Country by her lowlife, illegal alien mother Jubilie Anqui and her criminal boyfriend Jonathan Link Tedrick with their last known address at 320 Vinings Way Boulevard, Apt. 10-202, Destin, Florida 32541 at Jonathan Link Tedrick’s apartment


These two criminals in connivance with the corrupt and broken legal system and immigration system in the US successfully deprived me and my child the opportunity to be together. This has caused real emotional, physical and psychological trauma for both of us for the last 24 months.


Sir, I believe the promises you made prior to you being elected were really meant by you. There is no better time to carry out these immigration policies. There are over 200,000 “left behind” parents like me every year suffering over this same thing, the crime of parental child kidnapping. Help must come to us and justice must be done.


Mr. President, you made it clear during your campaign and I quote:

“We will end the sanctuary cities that have caused so many needless deaths,” you said. “No more funds! My wife is one of these persons that has abused the loophole of Sanctuary cities, she has capitalized on the failed and moribund immigration system to cause more harm to people like me. All I ever wanted was to have the opportunity to love and care for my child. My son Sean is just 8 years old and a minor, he needs all the care in the world now and his loving father in his life as he approaches his adolescence.


Sir, there is no better person to effect this change than you. America can only be great again if unscrupulous and unwanted criminals like my wife are flushed out of the system. She has overstayed her welcome visa in the States and she should be put behind bars.


All other corrupt officials in the DOJ and FBI, Loretta Lynch that aided her to divert justice should also be sanctioned. This infringement of the law had taken place with the connivance of officials, such as corrupt Judges Marry Koch Polson, Michael A. Flowers and Margaret Casey Rodgers. Their willingness to secretly allow or be involved in wrongdoing, especially an immoral or illegal act of parental child kidnapping enabled my wife to continuously wrongfully retain my son Sean illegally in the USA.



In conclusion, Sir, I know you are a strong leader with so much intelligence and honesty and your wish is to see America regain her integrity.


I have written two letters now to you, one in July and another one in November and I wouldn't stop till my voice is heard and justice is achieved. I believe that you are a loving and caring father like me and you will understand my plight and pain.


I hope to hear from you sir, I surely believe you will carry out all your promises as President. My son is illegal in the USA and is being wrongfully retained by his illegal alien mother Jubilie Anqui and harbored by her criminal boyfriend Jonathan Link Tedrick. All I want is to be reunited with my child. Is this too much to ask for?  


I hope you have a successful and wonderful time as president.

I am looking forward to hear from you.


Respectfully yours,



Stephan Schuermann

A loving and concerned father seeking justice for his child



PS: I am attaching a Motion, which was filed this week in the Florida Court to release my son. You will see how many laws have been violated and how corrupt and reckless judges have acted by conspiring with the child abducting mother and her boyfriend.

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