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What Precisely Is Custody? Polson Thinks To Make Father's Criminals!


What we term “custody” means the power to criminalize parenthood by sick Judges like Mary Koch Polson.


One would expect that such an awesome power could be exerted only against parents who had been demonstrated to be unfit or committed some legal offense. Yet this is not the case. Today, parents who have committed no legal infraction can have their relationship with their children criminalized and can be turned into criminals or quasi-criminals entirely through the actions of others in ways they are powerless to avoid. Few people to whom it has not happened realize how easily and frequently children are taken from their parents with no grounds or even allegations of wrongdoing. The forcible separation of children from their parents for reasons that have nothing to do with the children’s wishes, safety, health, or welfare is now routine through involuntary divorce.


The word “custody” has become commonplace. We speak about “winning custody” and “losing custody” as if it were a harmless game. Yet “custody” has become a euphemism disguising serious government measures. Were we instead to speak of “the government taking away your children,” it would more accurately convey what is taking place. In addition, child custody is now something of an experimental legal laboratory, where legal innovations are introduced, some of which are positively dangerous for a free society.


An award of “custody” is a government intervention into private family life and the parent-child relationship. While we speak of a parent “winning” or “losing” custody, what we actually mean is the government assuming control over someone’s children. Some suggest that, because parents naturally control their children from birth, the government does not grant custody but only takes it away.


In any case, a custody order is not the right to parent one’s children; it is the power to prohibit someone else from parenting his or her children. It strips parents of the right to be with their children and to make decisions about them, and it marshals the penal apparatus to keep parents away from their children. Custody is only partly about children, therefore; it also confers formidable power on grown-ups.


As US family law now operates, one parent can have the other summoned to court and, without presenting any evidence of legal wrongdoing, request that he be summarily stripped of all rights over his children and effectively ejected from the family, and in almost every case a corrupt judge such as Mary Koch Polson will grant the request. It is not necessary that the parent be found unfit, that he or she commits a crime or violates the marriage agreement, or that the parent even agree to a divorce. 


This is exactly what judge Mary Koch Polson is, a child abusing, fanatical criminal who makes money by kidnapping innocent children away from their biological father. Polson goes even so far and puts the father wrongfully into jail for dropping his son off at school and supports a "trespassing order" from some sick school deputy to get the father arrested and thrown into jail for 3 days.


In addition, Polson and her police friends threatened the father with deportation from USA and/or further arrests if the father would not "obey" to judge Polson's twisted mind!  The father has now been disconnected from his own son for 10 years, due to the fact that he is denied re-entry into USA for 10 years for overstaying his E-2 Investor Visa. 


In the meantime, corrupt Judge Polson protects an illegal mother who prostitutes herself to make a living by providing her "services" to randomly picked man. The mother is Jubilie Anqui who lives in an adultery affair with a career criminal named Jonathan Link Tedrick and little Sean who wants to RUN AWAY from these child abusers, but judge Polson keeps the child a prisoner of United States.


These are the kind of sick and twisted judges America needs to protect innocent children, right?


If this makes you sick, write us your toughts!


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